Saturday, June 27, 2009

Oh, Happy Day!

This one was a doozy! I wanted so badly to do this scallop card, but my mind was completely blank! I just had to do it piece by piece. I created the card with SCAL using the cuts that a MB member had posted. They are amazing! I just flipped the image, made a blackout of one, then welded the two to make the card. (I hope that makes sense!)

Then I found the turquoise paper really liked the color with the black. So I sat here for awhile just staring at the scallop card with the white and turquoise circles on it. Ho hum....what now? Sentiment.....hmmm. I was too lazy to create one in word, then I remembered the "Oh happy day" cut in Wildcard. Then I just had to fill the space. (That even took awhile!) Well, it is. I hope you like it.

scallop card cut @ 5"

Grapically Speaking
circles cut @ 3" and 3 1/4"

"Oh Happy Day" cut @ 3"

Home Decor
Dragon fly (and shadow) cut @ 2"

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  1. Great job... love that dragon fly... love the yoru work..