Friday, July 3, 2009

Birdy Greetings

It feels great to be able to just sit and create! Today I was able to just sit and make cards. This was the first time in a while that I just created without using any sketches to follow. My goal for this card was to actually sew on it...not just make fakey stitches with a pen! lol! Well... now I know why I always fake it! The card slips around when it is trying to run through the machine...or it doesn't go through at all because the machine has no grip in it. Any tips?? I'll have to try it again another day. Overall, I am pleased with this card. I think my favorite part is the subtlety (sp?) of the cuttlebug detail on the inside. I would love to hear your thoughts...even if it's constructive!
Grapically Speaking
Circle @ 3"
Oval @ 3/4"
Home Decor
Bird @ 1" also shadow


  1. StampTV has a couple of videos that may be of help to you ... I haven't done this yet so personally can't offer suggestions:

  2. One other thought ... be sure the teeth (not sure what else to call them) are up not down. They sit in the under the pressure foot and are what feed the fabric thru. In some machines, if you are using an embroidery attachment or filling a bobbin, the teeth are in the down position. If they are down, the fabric will not feed at all.