Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inspiration Card

FINALLY! I have my first card posted! When planning out my blog, I downloaded a picture of a sunflower to put on my blog. Well, it never made it, but I still loved the picture. It inspired me to make this card to celebrate my blog! After the fact, I realized that I think it fits the 3rd card challenge that Kathy posted this week for Okie's Card Sketch Challenge. If I remember correctly, I needed 2+ colors (check), 2 Cricut cuts (check: SB flower and shadow), Embellishment (check: Stickles), a stamped image (check: sentiment). If there was any other requirements, then I may not have made it! LOL!
Thank you SO MUCH Jeannie for helping me to get this posting finally up!!! You're the best!


  1. totaly awesome!!! love how you made the sunflower!! i could not tell it was a cricut cut at all :D great work and yahoo for you being able to post pics :D

  2. Wonderful wonderful sunflower...its so so amazing...just amazing.... stunning!!...I am proud of you!!

  3. Congrats on the blog!!!! Love the card!! Gorgeous!!!!

  4. Great card! Lot's of work and worth every second of it!