Saturday, April 10, 2010

For my handsome prince

Monday is my husband's birthday and I always struggle with making him a card. With having 2 little girls...we have had a lot to do with Princess and the Frog lately so this was all I could think of. I REALLY wanted the frog on Once Upon A Princess, but being that I don't have that cart (yet!) I had to use this frog from Paisley. All of my cuts were done on my Gypsy, and I have to admit...I don't know how to tell you what size they were done at! :o)


Happy Birthday and Oval Tag
A Child's Year
(I cut the "a" to make it look like an "o")

P.S. I didn't have lips to cut so I put lipstick on my 4yo DD and had her kiss the paper. lol. She accidentally did a double kiss, but I still think it's cute. (my lips would've taken up the whole page!) lol!

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